PA Governor Releases April Fool’s Joke Too Early

Governor Rendell has a great April Fool’s gag, announcing a Pennsylvania “Stimulus Czar” (like anyone would think that’s a real job) that pays $120,000 per year for part-time work.

Rendell’s gag press release goes on to make lots of jokes about what the stimulus funding will do:

“It won’t be long until you will see more and more people packing their lunch pails and heading back to work,” Governor Rendell said. “Federal stimulus money is starting to flow into Pennsylvania to help put people back to work and stabilize our economy. There’s a surge going on in our economy. It’s not a tsunami yet, but it is building.

“In addition to creating jobs for hard working Pennsylvanians, the stimulus money will help us to achieve energy independence, reduce the cost of health care and improve public schools while stabilizing property taxes, and keep the costs of state government down and manageable in the long term.”

Hilarious, no one could fall for this. He might as well have gone on about how the stimulus will cure cancer, end racism, and buy happiness.

But I can’t understand why he released it on March 31. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Now wait a minute …