School Choice Battles Wage On

Mary Katherine Ham has an excellent article on the battle over the DC Scholarship Program.The Philadelphia Bulletin also has a recent article, noting an Obama spokesman has said they would not let the program expire, but without specifics.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, the state Department of Education is floating full-fledged inter-district choice (HT to E3). That is, students could enroll in another district, capacity allowing, free of charge.

Expanding school choice for Pennsylvania students may also be under debate whether it be for charter and cyber school funding, expanding the Educational Improvement Tax Credit, or perhaps a voucher or inter-district choice proposal. We have also suggested school choice for military children and special needs scholarships to serve students enrolled in the Scotland School and the Scranton School for the Deaf, respectively. School choice would give these students better options, while saving taxpayers the cost of operating these exorbitant, state-run schools.