“Tea Parties” Coming to Pennsylvania

Online conservative activists have rallied to CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s call last for a “Nationwide Tea Party” to protest the economic “stimulus,” bailouts, and erosion of liberty.

Here are some “tea parties” coming to cities across Pennsylvania (note: these are tea parties of the Boston Tea Party type, not the kind taken with crumpets).

  • Pittsburgh: Friday, February 27 @ noon. Market Square Details (or here) UPDATE: may be canceled due to likely rain.
  • Philadelphia: Friday, February 27 @ noon. Independence Hall. Details
  • Philadelphia II: Saturday, February 28 @ noon. Independence Hall. Details
  • Harrisburg: Saturday, March 7 @ noon. Capitol Steps (updated location). Details
  • Update: Pittsburgh II: Saturday April 11 @ noon. The Fountain at Point State Park. Details.

More info on Tea Parties across the Nation:

Also, Santelli responds to White House spokesman remarks that he should shut up and go along with the flow.