Global Warming Skepticism on the Rise

The NCPA Daily Digest has a number of facts that might indicate the debate on global warming is not “over”:

  • over the past decade the global average temperature has fallen to its lowest levels in 30 years.
  • International Falls, Minnesota — the coldest location in the continental United States — set a new record in January with a low temperature of minus 40 degrees and snowfall records have recently been set in 63 U.S. locations.
  • After two years of ice-cap melting in the Arctic, an abrupt turnaround occurred in 2008, with ice forming at a record pace.
  • More and more scientists are paying attention to the evidence and rejecting the link between human actions and the recent warming trend.

Meanwhile, Scientific Blogging notes that recent surveys indicate that, while “climate scientists” (often those receiving grants to conduct global warming research) almost all agree that global warming is going on now and is man-made, many other scientists disagree.  They also discuss scientists who are ostracized for their dissent – even those who merely find that parts of Antarctica have cooled.