Ed Rendell and Rosie O’Donnell

Q: What do Governor Ed Rendell and Rosie O’Donnell have in common (hint: it has nothing to do with food)?

A: They have both gotten on Donald Trump’s bad side.

Trump is now suing the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, alleging his plans for a Philadelphia casino were illegally discriminated against. Says Trump, “Pennsylvania is a little too political a state for me. It sounds like you have to be a friend of the governor to get a casino.”

Given the record of the Gaming Control Board, he may well have a case. Of course, the winners of slots licenses in Philadelphia – who have already spent millions on their licenses, legal fees, and planning costs – aren’t going to roll over for The Donald. One firm is quote as saying, “When the matter is finally over, Mister Trump will be told, ‘You’re fired!” Clever play on The Apprentice, except it makes no sense in this context.