PSEA: Sampling the Best of PA on Your Tab

The Department of Labor recently added 2008 Union LM2 records to its website. A perusal of PSEA’s LM2 (file number: 512989) reveals that the state’s largest teacher union continues to spend its taxpayer-funded resources on a variety of luxury expenses, including:

– Pro Knitwear – $11,201

– Vin & Joe’s Restaurant – $8,213

– Abruzzi’s Restaurant (fine Italian dining) – $23,695

– Highstreet Brews (for “Conference Hospitality”) – $7,000

– Heritage Hills Golf Retreat – $5,120

– Mountain Race Track & Gaming Resort (for a “Leadership Conference”) – $16,418

– Seven Springs Mountain Resort (already benefiting from your tax dollars) – $39,862

– Harbor Cruises Ltd – $5,729

The union’s political contributions in 2008 also included $5,000 to Utahns for Public Schools, a coalition that helped to defeat a voucher referendum in Utah.

Doesn’t it feel great to know your hard-earned money is being invested in local business? How silly of me – all this time I thought it was to fund education…

For more on PSEA’s luxury lifestyle, check out our recent policy brief on the PSEA.