Do you support limited government?

Jay P. Greene explains why anyone who believes in limited government and free markets should support the Commonwealth Foundation.

Not directly, of course, but his conclusion is that support for the Commonwealth Foundation (not to mention the Manhattan Institute, where he is a senior fellow, and the Cato Institute, which quickly picked up on his comments) would be more advised than sending your money certain other places.

Greene argues that the financial bailout represents the attempted murder of limited government and free markets.  He then notes some free market think tanks were accomplices to the attempted murder, and supported a massive expansion of government.  These groups are also well-funded by limited government conservatives (I will add that John McCain and George W. Bush also supported the bailout, and contributions to their campaigns dwarf donations to any of the think tanks mentioned – which is why I call for a focus on ideas, not politics).    Notes Greene, “If those donors really do wish to support huge expansions in government involvement in the economy, then I guess they are giving to the right organizations.”   

Here are our posts the week of Sept. 21, I think you can see how we feel about the bailout and free market alternatives to it.