National Campaign for School Choice Launched

Our friends at the Alliance for School Choice have launched a new campaign – Let Parents Choose – aimed at recruiting 10,000 activists and supporters of school choice.

Anyone who registers at, will receive a free bumper sticker, a free school choice handbook, and school choice magazines. You can also join their Facebook group

From their News Release:

More than 152,000 children participate in 18 school choice programs operating in 10 states and the District of Columbia. The bipartisan base of support for school choice is growing every year, with public opinion polls showing stronger support among Democrats, African-Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics than ever before.

The School Choice Works campaign will also shine an unprecedented spotlight on the failures of many public schools in America. Despite the best efforts of many educators, roughly 4 million children attend failing or underperforming schools. More than 1 million kids drop out of school each year. Every 26 seconds, another child drops out of school in the U.S.