Election Day Reading – Taxes, Great Depression, and Policy

Here are some of the best articles of the day:

  • Lawrence Kudlow is stunned by a poll showing voters think Obama is the real taxpayer.  He also exposes an absurd notion that tax cuts caused the current recession (after 5 years of growth) and that Bush didn’t cut taxes on the middle class.
  • Lee Ohanian writes, Don’t Raise the Capital Gains Tax and discusses the problem with “soaking the rich”
  • Andrew Wilson has 5 Myths about the Great Depression – namely that Hoover was a hands-off president (rather than a tax raising, trade restricting interventionist) and that government spending ended the Depression (when in fact it extended it).
  • Victor Reinhart points out the gamble with the Federal Reserves new policy model.
  • Fred Barnes thinks that the election will result in a major move leftward on public policy