State budget must be cut

The Citizens’ Voice has an editorial calling for state budget cuts giving the current crunch in the Pennsylvania state budget. Meanwhile, Gib Armstrong and other lawmakers continue to note, “we are in a real pickle” and facing a huge budget deficit.

Governor Rendell remains optimistic, recently stating (according to Capitolwire) that his measures could save $300 million (rather than $200 million) and that the state will get an extra $100 million by more aggressively pursuing delinquent filers. He also commented that budget cuts aren’t the solution, we “have to grow out of the crisis” – unfortunately, Governor Rendell thinks more government spending, as well as higher taxes, will help us grow, rather than listen closely to free market icons like Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy.

We have updated our look at previous budget shortfalls to include 1990-91. Here are the key numbers:

Fiscal Year Shortfall as of Sept. (millions) End of Year Tax Increase
1990-91 -$47.20 $2.85 B
2001-02 -$133.70 $600 M
2002-03 -$89.10 $1.5 B
2008-09 -$281.50 ???