Zack and Miri Take a Fortune

The City of Philadelphia has refused to allow posters for Zack and Miri Make a Porno on bus stops because they are deemed too seedy. (Hat Tip to GrassrootsPA). Studio execs defend the moving saying “It’s not a porno…It’s a comedy,” hence it initially received only an NC-17 rating, unlike the traditional XXX rating for porn films.

The movie’s produces were so incensed, they vowed to return the $5.7 million they took from Pennsylvania Taxpayers through the state’s film tax credit. Just kidding, they weren’t mad enough to return the money, I just wanted to point out that they got $5.7 million from the state’s film tax credit for Zack and Miri.

While some suggest that these film tax credits attract filmmakers to Pennsylvania, it is more likely that Kevin Smith was banned from New Jersey after Clerks II and Jersey Girl. See our previous post Tax Credits and Stupid Hollywood Movies and more on film tax credits from the Tax Foundation.