More on ACORN and Voter Fraud

As a followup to Jessica’s post on ACORN and Voter Fraud, here are some recent updates:

  • The Tribune Review notes that investigations of ACORN could be coming to Allegheny County.
  • IBD Editorials asks if ACORN is stealing the election, noting they registered most of the Dallas Cowboys team to vote – in Nevada – among other charges.
  • The NY Post has a story, citing investigations or arrests of ACORN operatives in 15 states.
  • Michell Malkin has a roundup of stories from Missouri, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. 
  • The news out of Indianapolis is that they now have 105% of voter-age eligible population now registered to vote.
  • Tony Phyrillas has stories from Nevada, Ohio, and Missouri.
  • The Heritage Foundation explains how the Motor-Voter law makes it tough to purge voter rolls (and explains how the dead still vote).