Debate Watching Tips

While the talking heads may analyze how many points McCain and Obama score with witty jabs, there might also be some policy issues discussed in tonight’s presidential debate.

Check out this ad featuring former Democratic Presidential nominee George McGovern on the Employee Free Choice Act. It is scheduled to air in some parts of the country during tonight’s Presidential debate coverage. is also a helpful resource on this power-grabbing piece of legislation.

Cato’s Michael Cannon calls Obama misleading on his health care plan, “In fact, Obama pursues government-run health care, higher taxes, and insurance companies denying coverage, all at once,” and then decides it is accurate to call Obama’s plan “socialized medicine”

The Tax Foundation notes that both McCain and Obama have plans that would increase the number of tax filers who pay no taxes from 33% now to 43% and 44%. They also wonder whether giving people more money back than they paid in – through “refundable” tax credits proposed by McCain for health care and for Obama on a number of fronts – represents a “tax cut” or wealth redistribution.

More policy info on the presidential candidates: