Voter Beware

ACORN, a “community organizing” grassroots group, has been raising a few eyebrows lately. The group engages in activism, lobbying, get-out-the-vote drives, and voter registration. The organization’s activities almost always help Democrats, and, of course, it gets some payback in return. Before some got wind of it, the failed bailout plan originally included additional handouts that would have benefited ACORN and its allies. This is troubling since ACORN had at least some hand in the housing crisis and current financial state.

Senator Obama has close ties with the group, going back into the early 1990’s. His roles at the Chicago ACORN chapter include counsel in a “motor vote” lawsuit (ACORN requested his assistance [free registration to site needed]), teaching leadership seminars, and directing Project Vote 1992, a registration drive. In addition, he was a board member on the Wood Fund and Joyce Foundation,both of which poured money into ACORN’s coffers. Here is a collection of reports on Obama’s ACORN connections.

Here’s where it gets sticky: ACORN prides itself on “successful” registration campaigns, but workers have been indicted for or suspected of voter registration fraud in several states: Washington State 2006, Missouri 2006, Colorado 2006, Michigan 2008, Ohio 2004 and 2008. Here is a John Fund interview, in which he discusses the implications of mass voter fraud for this year’s election.

While ACORN is drawing ire for its actions in several states across the country, the group is also very active here in Pennsylvania.

ACORN has 6 offices across the state in Pennsylvania, with some located in crucial voting areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It would be nice to think ACORN’s more dubious activities have not affected the Commonwealth; however, incidents of voter fraud have surfaced in the state.

Two ACORN employees in West Reading were charged with identity theft and tampering with records. In Dauphin County, an ongoing investigation is looking into the validity of 100 to 150 registration applications. Philadelphia registration officials rejected about 3,000 registration cards submitted by ACORN due to missing or invalid information. Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign has made a concerted effort to recruit new voters en masse before today’s registration deadline.

Here are some video clips on ACORN’s activities in our state: the PA Political Committee Chair brags about ACORN’s registration progress in Pennsylvania. He admits there have been a few instances of registration fraud “irregularities,”? despite a “great quality program as far as application verification.” In Philadelphia, ACORN protestors gather on the streets with vitriolic chants.

As usual, Pennsylvania will be a battleground state in November. Who will stand up to voter fraud and defend the rights of those voters who have gone through the proper channels?