Head for the Hills

“It’s tangible, the misery and hopelessness and the bleakness.” No, this is not the latest sound-bite ad for tourism in PA.

It’s actually what Viggo Mortensen said about Pittsburgh, which was chosen as a film site for his new apocalyptic movie, “The Road.” Other film sites include Mount St. Helens and New Orleans.

Pittsburgh may not have suffered the devastating effects of volcanic ash or swirling torrents, but the economic conditions of the area are forcing residents to leave the region in droves.

Between 2000 and 2006 over 58,000 residents fled the Pittsburgh area. During that same time 133,000 residents migrated out of Philadelphia as well. The Allegheny Institute says that loss of private sector jobs and high taxes are the reason for the mass exodus.

I can’t say I blame Philadelphians – if my city had the second highest local tax burden in the US I’d be movin’ out too.

UPDATE: Those who can’t get out of Pittsburgh must be feeling a bit down–maybe that’s why they drink so much.