Just Say No to Card Checks

Check out this Wall Street Journal article by former Senator George McGovern on the dangers of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Act would impose a card check system on employees contemplating unionism instead of the current practice of secret ballot elections. Secret ballot elections allow workers to cast their decisions free from peer pressure and intimidation, while open card checks are not confidential.

50% or more of a company’s employees must be in support of unionism in order for organizing to take place. The so-called Employee Free Choice Act would ease the way for heavy-handed tactics as union officials try to reach mandated quotas.

McGovern shares his concern about the Act’s implications:

I worry that there has been too little discussion about EFCA’s true ramifications, and I think much of the congressional support is based on a desire to give our friends among union leaders what they want. But part of being a good steward of democracy means telling our friends “no” when they press for a course that in the long run may weaken labor and disrupt a tried and trusted method for conducting honest elections.

Unionism is already forced on many Pennsylvania workers–let’s hope employees will be able to retain what little security they do have.