Bonusgate, corruption, and reform news

There are plenty of stories on corruption and reform in today’s papers:

  • DeWeese under fire: State Rep. Josh Shapiro calls on House Majority Leader Bill Deweese to stop down as leader, calling him “a symbol of a broken system”.
  • DeWeese fires back, claiming Shapiro is just overly worried about his own reputation. Crazy kid thinks that seeing several of his colleagues hauled off in handcuffs for crimes – including illegal payments that may have benefitted his own campaign – may hurt his reputation. Even though he controlled the accounts, supervised the alleged master-mind of bonusgate, and signed off on all the bonuses, DeWeese doesn’t worry about his reputation being diminished.
  • Voters also think DeWeese should go – 53% of those polled want him to step down, only 11% support him.
  • John Baer thinks Shapiro’s call could be a tipping point in reform. Baer also takes a shot at Rep. Dwight Evans for saying “This stuff shall pass.”
  • Fumo Trial: The names of 165 potential witnesses in trial of state senator Vince Fumo has been released.
  • More poll results (full results here):
    • Voters think the legislature won’t do anything to clean itself up.
    • Most voters blame both parties for the culture of corruption, but more voters think Republicans are single-handidly responsible than Democrats.
    • An astounding 76% of voters support a special session on government reform.

  • Here is the latest list of legislators signing on to the call for a special session.