Less than 60% of black males graduate in PA

The Schott Foundation has a new report out on black male graduation rates – in public schools – and the gap between black and white performance.

  • In PA, the Graduation rate for black males is 58% vs. 84% for whites (states chart).
  • In Philadelphia (the 3rd largest in terms of black male enrollment), the gap narrows, but the graduation rate for both blacks and white is substantially lower- 46% v. 58% (districts chart).
  • They also have a state profile, which discusses not only Pennsylvania’s graduation rates, but performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) – not only is there a substantial performance gap, between blacks and whites, but it is clear that most students who graduate are not proficient in reading and math.

Of note, the Commonwealth Foundation and REACH Foundation will be holding an event today promoting (and celebrating) school choice – as choice as competition for all is the only way to save students from failing schools.