Calls for Reform

Here is a quick roundup of editorials from across the state calling for a Constitutional Convention and/or a special session (as well as criticizing lawmakers for a culture of corruption, little action, and taking 3 of the next 4 months of when reform is badly needed).

  • Tribune Review: “It’s time for a state constitutional convention to begin the process of decommissioning this corrupt enterprise.”
  • Altoona Mirror: “The only solution is an unrestricted constitutional convention to start from scratch to build a government that puts the needs of Pennsylvanians first.”
  • Republican Herald: “Local lawmakers should endorse the call for a special session on integrity and also sign on to the effort to conduct a constitutional convention.”
  • Post-Gazette:Ethics must be at the top of the agenda when lawmakers get back in the fall, starting with a state law banning bonuses, not simply doing so with House rules, as Mr. DeWeese did last year.
  • Morning Call: “If this is to be a session that truly is ”special,” the Governor must call the legislators back from recess early — in the next few weeks.”
  • Philadelphia Daily News: “One start would be a special legislative session on ethics and reform.”
  • Beaver County Times: “These Democrats and Republicans need to unite to strip caucus leaders of their oligarchic power.”
  • Carlisle Sentinel: “It may well be time to consider the calls from such grassroots groups as Democracy Rising for a constitutional convention.”