Budget Details Revealed

The House Appropriations Committee (both Democrats and Republicans) released the line items in the budget late into the night on Thursday. They will attempt to vote on the legislation today – i.e. the 4th of July. Note: the Continental Congress had two weeks to review the Declaration of Independence, which is a far shorter document.

The new budget of $28.26 billion represents a 4.06% increase over last years enacted budget of $27.16 billion. Here is the House Republican spreadsheet in PDF.

I have put the numbers into Excel, available here (I can’t promise there aren’t data entry errors).  Here are our news release on the budget, along with our budgetary goals checklist.

As we have noted on numerous occasions, some of the worst programs – and easiest to cut – are the corporate welfare schemes knows as WAMs. Yet not only are WAMs back in the budget agreement, they are at a higher level than any of the three budget version (House Democrats’, Senate Republicans’, or the Governor’s). What exactly did they negotiate?

Here is the latest WAM spreadsheet