More evidence on the failure of RomneyCare

Michael Tanner blasts positive media coverage of a new report on Massachusetts health care, pointing out the many reasons why RomneyCare is a failure (from the same report). Tanner points out:

  • “Less than half of Massachusetts’ uninsured population actually complied with the mandate.”
  • RomneyCare doesn’t “cover all Massachusites” (lesson for backers of RendellCare?)
  • Those signing up are those who get subsidies, “proving once again that if you give something away for free people will take it.”
  • Younger and healthier residents are violating the mandate, partly because community rating is driving up the cost of health coverage for them (another lesson for backers of RendellCare?)
  • “The program is far exceeding its projected costs, with at least a 33% budget overrun in its first year. “