“Per Diems” Add Up

RocktheCapital has analyzed and released expense reports for one lawmaker, David Argall of Schuykill County, finding that he collected $15,000 in “per diems” (compensation above and beyond salary, ostensibly for food and lodging, but paid regardless of actual expenses accrued) in 2005 and $17,000 in 2007. RocktheCapital also note that Argall lives within a 90 minute drive of the Capitol, so though he is eligible for the per diem (lawmakers within 50 miles are not), he should not need lodging daily. (Click here for full 100-page expense report).

HT: GrassrootsPA

Some legislators have begun putting their expense reports online (e.g. Eugene Depasquale, and a few others I am forgetting), but it would be a good move to require all lawmakers to do so (as I expect those who voluntarily submit that info are not the ones feeding at the taxpayer trough).