PA House Rejects Real Health Care Reform

The Pennsylvania House passed an amendment (and is expected to pass the bill) that would enact the House Democrats’ “Pennsylvania ABC,” or as I call it, RendellCare 2.0, as it is similar to RendellCare 1.2, but with lower eligibility for subsidized insurance. (Ordinarily, I would post a link to our analysis of the new proposal, but it was only unveiled yesterday afternoon, and there is limited public information available on it, but here is an analysis of the earlier version.)

However, in doing so they rejected several real reforms of the health insurance market that would lower the cost of insurance (and health care) within the state. Among rejected amendment were proposals that would:

  • Allow small businesses to purchases lower cost insurance offered in other states.
  • Allow insurance companies to sell limited benefit, lower cost insurance to those who want such coverage.
  • Offer health insurance rebates for those collecting unemployment benefits, but buying their own insurance.
  • Reform medical malpractice liability and the MCare program.

House Democrats voted unanimously to reject these real reforms. Why? I guess they just don’t care enough.

More on interstate insurance choice, basic coverage plans, and other needed reforms on the Affordable Health Care Agenda and in this recent commentary.