Earmark Nation

Wall Street Journal on the political value of taking a hard line opposing earmarks, compared with the value of pork projects.

Unorthodox as he’s been on some conservative issues, on earmarks Mr. McCain has the full backing of an American public.

House Minority Leader John Boehner gets all this, and now believes there’s more political mileage in thumping his opponents over pork than in retaining it for his party. He’s spent the past two months pounding Democrats to agree to an earmark moratorium, even forcing a vote in a budget markup this week (not a single Democrat voted for it). The affair has left Speaker Nancy Pelosi red-faced, as she and her team struggle to justify the very pork they promised to rein in during the 2006 election campaign.

It’s been embarrassing enough that even some in her party are refusing to hold ranks. California’s Henry Waxman, a powerful committee chairman, recently intoned that “Congressional spending through earmarks was out of control” and announced he’d ask for none himself this year.