Tax Free Christmas Presents

For those of you still shopping for Christmas gifts – here is a list of gift ideas, based on products that are exempt from the Pennsylvania Sales Tax:

Food – not generally a great gift, but Christmas sausage seems fairly common
Candy and Gum – always popular
Personal Hygiene Products – other than electric toothbrushes or razors, these are among the worst Christmas presents you can buy (e.g. deodorant, mouth wash)
Newspapers and Magazine Subscriptions – not a bad gift idea
Clothing and Footwear – common Christmas gifts, and perfect for letting your kids know that Santa thinks they have too many toys
Drugs and Orthopedic Equipment – it’s the thought that counts; and the thought that these would make good Christmas presents doesn’t count for much
Wrapping and Packing Supplies – Note: only if bought as part of the product, not when purchased separately.
Flags – good gifts for the patriotic.
Firewood – good gift for someone with a woodburning stove; not so good for someone without one
Coal – yes, gifts for all the “naughty” children are tax exempt