Blaim Steelers’ Fans for Soggy Field

A lot has been made about the condition of the field during last night’s Steelers-Dolphins game. First off let me say that was a great football game, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t appreciate real, old-school football.

Second, while Lowman Henry blaims mismanagement by the Stadium Authority (though on the right track) and the ESPN announce crew wondered “Doesn’t Pittsburgh have a municipal stadium”? the real blaim belongs to the Steelers and their fans (including myself).

Why were there four high school and one college football games played at Heinz Field last weekend? Because when taxpayer finance a stadium, there going to get as much use of it as possible. If Steelers fans and NFL fans wanted an NFL-only stadium, with fresh sod every week, they should have ponied up the costs themselves. If ESPN wanted a high-scoring game on articifial turf for Monday Night Football, they should up their contract and pay Pennsylvania taxpayers back the $190 million+ they paid for Heinz field.