Rendell: Give me money, I will stop terrorism

Governor Rendell continues to claim that energy plan will stop funding of terrorism. It won’t – his plan is all about getting more money to hand out to his friends.

This demogoguery is as bad as his “Jesus supports my health care plan” claims. Unfortunately, too many lemmings continue to nod everytime he says something like this, and say “we have to do something“. Thus, we get Rendell-Lite

Here are some resources and intellectual ammunition for anyone – voters, media, and both lawmakers – willing to fight the Rendell hype machine:

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PA Chamber: Canada, A Terrorist Nation?
Reason: Defend America, Buy More Iranian Oil
Cato: Energy Alarmism: The Myths That Make Americans Worry about Oil
Cato: All Circuits Misloaded
Manhattan Institute: Energy Myths
Commonwealth Foundation: Energy Policy