We’re #1! And #4? In Lobbying, that is.

Finally, Pennsylvania ranks first in something – unfortunately, it is a dubious honor. The ranking is “most money spent on federal lobbying” by state and local governments. The great Commonwealth of PA ranks #1 spending $505,000 so far this year. Coming in at #4, spending $280,000 (more than any other state in the union, every city, and all but one county and Puerto Rico) is the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. You may note that the Turnpike is entirely contained in PA, and recieves no federal funding – so I wonder what they are lobbying for.

See the chart and comments from Tolls Roads News. Congressman Peterson asks Gov. Rendell and the Turnpike Commission “what in the name of Pete is going on“?

Ladies and Gentleman – your taxes and tolls at work.