PennFuture: Give Governor Rendell power to control the weather

The environmental group Penn Future released a “PennFuture Facts” calling for the PA General Assembly to pass parts of its agenda. Yet the alarmist “facts” they use are so outrageous even my twelve-year-old niece would laugh at them.

They assert that higher-than-normal temperatures in the midwest and eastern US early last week are the result of global warming – even though the evidence of global warming is that average global temperatures rose by about 1 degree Farenheit over the last 100 years.

Such higher temperatures force people to run their air conditioners more – so really their effort is aimed at saving people money (of course, by that same logic it will be a warmer winter, thus should be able to turn down the heat and save money – but to suggest that is the gaping hole in their logic would be missing the forest for the trees).

They also point claim global warming is responsible for a drought in the southern US this year, though many states have had excessive rainfall, and global warming caused by greenhouse gasses (which is implied by PennFuture) would likely lead to more rainfall, not less.

Of course, they suggest passing a number of bills, which will “save Rome from burning” i.e. end global warming (or maybe cause global cooling, as they seems to be what they imply is needed, if the goal is less need to run our air conditioners).

You would think that with the $1 million grant PennFuture got to lobby for more regulation and subsidies, they would be able to get themselves a copy of the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, especially since we are giving away copies for free.