US House voice vote against tolling I-80 in Pennsylvania – first shot in a war?

Toll Roads News with an in depth look at the move, and potential future actions, by several PA Congressmen to stop tolling of I-80.

The bottom line is that there will at least be a fight to get federal approval to toll I-80, and to keep federal dollars that currently go to I-80 (as the Turnpike Commission’s plan depends on “savings” by not paying I-80 cost through motor license funds; a lost of federal funds would undermine this plan).

Toll Roads News also asserts, as do we, that the tolling of I-80 (and the Turnpike) should have been put up for competitive bidding, not handed over to the gluttonous Turnpike Commission. Why – you can get lower tolls, better service, and more money with competitive bidding, while ending the corrupt practices of the Turnpike Commission. So much for reform.