Was Rendell’s “Turnpike Lease” a ruse?

Brad Bumstead believes that Governor Rendell’s proposal to lease the Turnpike was all part of a conspiracy theory to make the Turnpike Commission’s proposal to expand its authorities, raise toll, and issue debt – to the benefit of bond lawyers and patronage baron – not look so ridiculous. (I don’t buy that theory – I think the Governor like the Turnpike lease idea, but was more committed to getting more money, not reforming the system. I also think the expanding the Turnpike Commission still looks ridiculous).

More from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on the lack of Turnpike lease legislation from the Governor. Though it should be pointed out that HB 555 (Rep. Geist) would allow for public-private partnerships in all aspects of transporations – including a Turnpike lease and competitive contracting in mass transit.