Rendell begs for more federal tax money for SCHIP

Governor Rendell calls for more federal funding for the state’s Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP). Why? Because without it, the “Cover All Kids” plan passed last year would cost substantially more to state taxpayers to fund:

Coming so soon after Pennsylvania expanded its CHIP program to ‘Cover All Kids,’ the funding level proposed under the president’s budget could threaten the ability of state CHIP programs to help children remain healthy,” said Governor Rendell.

The federally funded State Children’s Health Insurance Program, often referred to as S-CHIP, will expire Sept. 30, and the president’s budget proposal reauthorizing the program falls billions short of what is needed to continue at current service levels.

Do you mean to tell me that “Cover All Kids” depended on federally funding that was set to expire? And that without that money, the state would have to pay more to “cover all kids” than the Governor’s proposal promised? If only someone had warned state lawmakers before they voted on this plan.

Oh wait, I did.