Environmental “watchdog” feeds off taxpayers

Capitolwire reports that the neo-socialist environmental group PennFuture received over $1 million in state grants from the Ministry of Propoganda Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation & Natural Resources.

In addition to lobbying for draconian regulations on businesses, PennFuture lobbies for additional funding of “alternative energy” project (which we now learn they are recipients of), and have recently been actively defending the heads of the two departments they receive funding from.

Environmental Protection Secretary Katie McGinty and Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Michael DiBerardinis have face scrutiny, not for grants to PennFuture, but for grants to organizations employing their spouses.

Just to make this clear, your tax dollars are being used to lobby the Senate to confirm two cabinet members who gave your tax dollars to the organization lobbying on their behalf so that organization could lobby for more of your tax dollars to go to organizations like themselves.