Ethanol Vehicles A Health Hazard

Summary of a research report by Mark Jacoboson:

“We found that E85 vehicles reduce atmospheric levels of two carcinogens, benzene and butadiene, but increase two others – formaldehyde and acetaldehyde” he explained. “As a result, cancer rates for E85 are likely to be similar to those for gasoline. However, E85 significantly increased ozone, a prime ingredient of smog.”

Noting federal and state subsidies for ethanol:

“Today, there is a lot of investment in ethanol,” Jacobson said. “But we found that using E85 will cause at least as much health damage as gasoline, which already causes about 10,000 U.S. premature deaths annually from ozone and particulate matter. If we’re not getting any health benefits, then why continue to promote ethanol and other biofuels?”