Governors health care plan assailed

Alison Hawkes in The Herald Standard on business groups responses to Governor Rendell’s universal healthcare plan.

[Rendell healthcare spokeswoman] Kelchner said she can’t understand why business trade associations are not on board. Businesses that don’t provide health care coverage are raising health care costs for businesses that do. “That piece I don’t understand,” she said. “We’re trying to help everyone in the long run.”

To paraphrase V: It’s not about what you are trying to do, it is about what you are doing.

Hopefully this will help her understand the problem with RendellCare:
State can’t fix health insurance problems it created
Higher Taxes Won’t Cure Cancer
RendellCare Treats the Symptom Rather than the Cause
RomneyCare is greatly exceeding expected costs

And here are some ideas about what we should be doing instead:
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