Transit Funding Report

The PA Transportation Funding and Reform Commission released their final report today: among their recommendations are:

  • $1.7 Billion Annually in New Funding ($900 million for state highways and bridges, $65 million for local highways and bridges, $700 million for transit)
  • Revenue from increasing the Oil Franchise Tax (=12.5 cents/gallon), higher license and vehicle fees, increase the realty transfers tax by 0.9%, and local increases on Sales Tax of up to 0.25%, Earned Income Tax of up to 0.2%, or Realty Transfer Tax of up to 0.5%
  • $180 million in savings from efficiency ($120 million in highways, $60 million in transit)
  • Explore Public-Private Partnerships (P3) in both road and transit services.

For more on P3 and other alternatives, come to our Policies and Principles Luncheon on Wednesday