Club For Growth Survey of Voter Attitudes

This is a must read survey of likely voters by The Club For Growth – particularly for those who think Republicans like Lincoln Chafee and Mike Dewine lost because they were too conservative.

  • Congress should cut spending: 57.3% vs Bring Home Projects: 27.6%
  • Best to Eliminate Wasteful Spending: 39.1% Democrats, 30.3% No Difference, 24.6% GOP
  • The “Party of Big Government”: 39.3% Republican, 27.9% Democrat, 16.3% Both
  • “Republicans in Washington have become just like the big spenders that they used to oppose”:
    65.8% Agree
  • Extend the tax cuts: 62.1% Agree for Dividend and Capital Gains, 59.1% Agree for Income Tax Rates, 61.6% Agree for eliminated the Estate Tax

Here is another survey of voters in swing districts from On Message Inc with a similar conclusion: Voters think Democrats will do more to reduce spending and taxes than Republicans.