Action on State Regulations

The state Environmental Quality Board has pushed through a stricter mercury emissions rule for power plants that would likely increase the cost of electricity, jeopardize jobs, and has little merit as a health concern. The State Senate has passed a measure that would restrict the EQB to using the Federal EPA’s standards, but it is locked down in a House Committee.

Along the same lines, the EQB is pushing for a regulation that would link PA’s auto emissions standards to those of California (including future California regulations) that would only permit the specialty low-emission (and higher priced) cars to be sold in PA. A bill that would limit EQB’s ability to link Pennsylvania’s regulation to CA and would allow car dealers to sell standard vehicles at least until 2014 is moving forward in the House (it has passed the Senate already).

Finally, a bill that would require the effect regulations will have on small businesses to be examined before passing the regulation (baffling that this is not already required) has been sent to the Governor for his signature (or veto).