Pension system ‘a perfect storm’

More on the coming pension crisis in the York Daily Record.

Side note: Democratic Rep. Steve Stetler–who is retiring in September to become the new Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Economy League–voted for the pension boondoogle. Why? In the article, he said: “Gov. Ridge said the system could afford it, and we agreed.” Hmmm…that doesn’t sound like a very thoughtful reason to boost your own pension.

It also makes you wonder if that’s the same kind of reasoning that led Mr. Stetler to vote for the pay raise, take more than $9,000 in unconstitutionally acquired cash, refuse to return the money, and boost his cushy pension that is guaranteed by the taxpayers.

We wish Mr. Stetler well in his new job at the Pennsylvania Economy League, and we certainly hope he’s able to leave his legislative “reasoning” in the Capitol when he assumes his new position in September. The Pennsylvania Economy League has done great work in the past. We can only hope it continues to do so in the future.