Looks like business as usual – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Dimitri Vassilaros writes in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the effort to defund one of PA’s corporate welfare programs”

No doubt many businesses are successful because their close relationships with state and local politicians, oops, make that governments, give them first dibs to grab handouts from the CFA, executive and legislative branches of state and local government, other “independent” authorities, agencies and whatnot.

And no doubt competing business are not as successful after the government plays favorites by subsiding their competitors. Success or failure typically was determined by how well a business understood the law of supply and demand. The wonderful business adage of “find a need and fill it” in Pennsylvania-speak is “find a politician and fill his pockets.” For years Republicans and Democrats have forced the taxpayers to become venture capitalists for risky projects. Established businesses that don’t need handouts take them nevertheless.

The most mystifying aspect of this evergreen issue is why — why — do Pennsylvanians think that the slimy, greedy and, yes, sometimes stupid politicians they despise should be allowed access to the money, let alone allowed to make any business decisions?