Groups target legislative spending

From the Courier Times:

“Asked about the WAMS — legislative grants for economic development — Rep. Scott Petri, R-178, said, “I don’t know any one of them I would consider wasteful spending. When my library in Upper Southampton needed new doors because [the old ones] were a health and safety risk, I considered the $20,000 grant we got them very worthwhile.””

Hmm…so Mr. Petri believes that taxpayers from every corner of the Commonwealth should be compelled to pay for new doors at his local library? Sounds more like a a local problem in need of a local solution. And boy, what kind of doors did they get for $20K, solid gold? Good thing we Harrisburg took care of that “health and safety risk” at the Upper Southhampton library! Better plan a summer trip to go see what your tax dollars paid for!