Rendell’s pay not “real money”

From CapitolWire:

Rendell’s pay not “real money”…
For those of you who haven’t heard just how much Gov. Ed Rendell travels in upper-bracket circles these days, he was telling school board directors Sunday that because he is such a devoted public servant, he has never held a job that pays “real money.”
He makes four times the median state household income, mind you, and so does his wife, federal Judge Midge Rendell. They own two houses and live in a free, taxpayer-paid mansion.
The people of Pennsylvania did force him for a while into the private sector where he made at least “real-er money” – in 1986 (governor’s primary) and Philadelphia in 1987 (mayor primary).
It may be Rendell’s idea of a hair-shirt existence, but hey, nobody told him to run for office.