Liberty Index in Lancaster

Democratic Rep. Mike Sturla’s response to his F- grade in the Intelligencer Journal is classic: “[T]hese are people who never bothered to drive, or get prescription drugs for their aging parents, or fish in a stream stocked with fish by the state. None of that stuff.”

You’re right, Mr. Sturla, we don’t think government should be taking care of our aging parents or stocking streams. That is not the proper role of government.

It should also be noted that Rep. Creighton, although he voted for the pay raise, has a consistent record of voting against “Liberty contracting” legislation. Although some of the other area members of the General Assembly think that one bill (out of 138) should be the only grade issued, we recognize that EVERY bill has an impact on our Liberty and should be weighted appropriately.

And as for our position on borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars that our children will have to pay back in the billions, not much more needs to be said. In fact, if this is indeed the role of government (to buy up private property and rehabilitate property that private entities should have to take care of) then these politicians should have found the money in existing funds, not raise our kids’ debt burden.