The Ducking Swann?

The Commonwealth Foundation was a co-sponsor of next week’s debate among the 3 GOP gubernatorial candidates. However, Mr. Swann has declined to participate in the only schedule debate of the election season. He has said he will participate in debates yet to be set after the GOP State Committee endorsement process and candidate filing deadlines in March.

John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News doesn’t like it. He asks in his commentary today: Why is Swann ducking a Scranton debate?

Although the Commonwealth Foundation does not endorse or support candidates for offices, we remain very interested in their policy positions.

We hoped that by sponsoring the first debate of the election season the people of Pennsylvania would hear where these candidates stand. Unfortunately, GOP gubernatorial debates may never happen if the State Committee endorsement process on February 11 ends up causing any of the current candidates to drop out of the race.