What We Are Up Against

Paul Jacob’s Common Sense

New York State Senator John Marchi of Staten Island is an old hand at politics. And he doesn’t think much of any idea to oust him and his kind from office.

When asked, recently, about term limits, a reform that’s gaining popularity in his state, Marchi left the answer to his press advisor, Jerry McLaughlin. McLaughlin said that his senator has opposed term limits “for some time.”

You bet some time! He’s America’s longest-serving legislator, at any level of government. He’s been in office 58 years, longer than I’ve been alive, longer than Fidel Castro’s ruled Cuba without a term limit.

Of course, McLaughlin repeats the usual nonsense. Marchi, he says, “thinks the state benefits from the experience of people who have had to deal with the problems and are familiar with the issues and the details so they can work toward effective solutions.” Trouble is, New York government is in horrible disarray. According to recent polls, a solid majority of New Yorkers think their government is on the WRONG track. If Marchi and his comrades are so experienced, why such low scores?

But McLaughlin, speaking for Marchi, remains adamant. “You want to try with a rookie quarterback or someone who knows something about the game? That’s essentially it.”

Nice metaphor. Problem, though. Who is he playing for? I’d rather have a rookie on MY side rather than a seasoned pro fighting AGAINST me.

Today, without term limits, the politicians play against us.