Coalition (for Higher Taxes and Unlimited Government Spending) hopes to stop cap on state spending

The Harrisburg Patriot-News highlights the effort to limit the increases in state government spending.

While the beneficiaries of higher government spending want to keep their unlimited access to taxpayers’ wallets, Erik Arneson in Sen. Brightbill’s office got it exactly right: “That is not a recipe for Draconian cuts…. That’s a recipe for smart, controlled, responsible growth. We’re just making it a little bit more difficult to spend above the rate of inflation.”

For more on this labor union-backed “Coalition to Increase Your Taxes,” see this news release from us a few weeks back.

And if you aren’t familiar with our push to limit the growth in state government spending, see the PolicyPoints on Tax & Expenditure Limitations and Spending Limits: Rhetoric, Distortions and Fabrications.

Also, an Op-Ed in today’s Patriot from the “Coalition” would have you believe that spending limits are dead in Colorado. Governor Bill Owens of Colorado dispelled that myth a few weeks back on the very same pages.

If you are interested in contacting your state Senator and Representative to see where they stand on this important issue, you can find your Senator here and your Representative here.