Rendell will veto business tax break

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review … “Rendell emphatically said he would veto any legislation that would lower business taxes but not provide substitute funds. ‘I would have to veto the legislation — there is no way to pay for it,’ Rendell said.”

No way to pay for it? Huh? Who does Gov. Rendell think pays Pennsylvania’s high business taxes? Businesses surely don’t. It is ALWAYS the consumer that pays for higher taxes on job providers/creators. To demand “substitute funds” is just another excuse for refusing to “make government live within its means.”

(NOTE: In Gov. Rendell’s inaugural address in 2003, he said: “Like working families across the state, we must find a way to make government live within its means. That is my first priority as Governor.” Here we are nearly 3 years later and Pennsylvanians are still wondering when their governor will get to his “first priority.”)