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Tell Governor Shapiro: It’s Time to Deliver on Your Promises!

Too many Pennsylvanians are suffering under skyrocketing energy prices. Tens of thousands of children are trapped in failing schools. Businesses and job-creators are leaving Pennsylvanian in droves.

Governor Shapiro promised to bring our commonwealth together with policies that will help all Pennsylvanians prosper. The governor promised to expand Lifeline Scholarships for children in underperforming schools, cut the corporate income tax for business, and curb rising energy costs for working families.

Now it’s time for Gov. Shapiro to deliver on those promises. Send a message to Gov. Shapiro now. Urge him to fulfill his campaign promises to help kids escape failing schools and help Pennsylvania reach its full economic potential.

Governor Shapiro’s Promises

  • On helping kids escape failing schools: “I’m for making sure we add scholarships like Lifeline scholarships” – Josh Shapiro, 9/17/22
  • On education: “I want to … protect what we have on EITC and add more on those scholarships.” Josh Shapiro, 10/3/22
  • On high energy costs: I have real concerns about the impact [RGGI] will have on consumer prices, hurting families…” – Josh Shapiro, 10/17/22
  • On corporate net income tax: “I want to take us from 9.99% … to 4%.” – Josh Shapiro, 10/28/22
  • On permitting reform: “Josh will set short and clear timelines for permits and applications … and guarantee that a business receives a decision within that established time.” – Josh Shapiro, 7/25/22
  • On expanding telehealth access: “Josh will also expand telehealth services, strengthen the pipeline for health care providers in under-served areas…” – Josh Shapiro, 11/2/22