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Personal Option

Our healthcare system is confusing, expensive, and driven by large systems that make the individual feel helpless. Expanding the role of government over the past decade did little to fix these concerning trends. In fact, health care is getting more bureaucratic and more expensive.

Across our nation, out of pocket health care spending continues to grow, averaging $1,315 per capita in 2020 and projected to reach $1,535 per capita by 2025.

In Pennsylvania, per capita health care spending in 2021 was $11,603, higher than the national average of $10,191. And costs are rising. Average per capita health care spending grew nearly 27% since 2014 (the first year of full implementation of the Affordable Care Act).

We can make health care affordable and accessible by allowing patients to customize their health care. Instead of a public option, we need a personal option. When we give Pennsylvanians more control over their health care choices, they get the affordability they need, the quality they deserve and the doctors they trust. 

Everyone, regardless of income, deserves the ability to personalize their health care.

Tell lawmakers why you need a personal option in health care!