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Tracking State Budget Trends

The 2016-17 General Fund budget added to Pennsylvania’s fiscal challenges. Lawmakers approved the $31.6 billion budget without implementing meaningful reforms or authorizing enough revenue to balance the budget. Despite lacking solid revenue sources, the legislature increased spending by $1.6 billion—a sum vastly exceeding the combined growth rate of inflation and population.

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Poll: Large Majorities Back Transparency & Accountability Reforms

Critical transparency and accountability measures pending in the state Legislature gained overwhelming public support in a poll released today by the Commonwealth Foundation.

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State Senate Committee Advances Taxpayer Protection Act

Today, the Senate Finance Committee passed Taxpayer Protection Act legislation to the floor, kicking off a push to protect middle-class Pennsylvanians’ finances from unaffordable spending and tax increases like those recently proposed by Gov. Wolf.

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Recent Blog Posts

Three Steps to an Honest Budget: Fiscal Reform Priorities 2020-2021

Our legislative roadmap to a balanced budget, a spending limit and a more transparent fiscal process.

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Mid-Year Budget Briefing: $779 Million Projected Overspend

For the second year in a row the state is set to overspend its budget by more than half a billion dollars.

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CF's 2020 Vision

In 2019, we achieved important victories in educational opportunity and criminal justice reform that will help families around the Keystone State grow and prosper. But there's more work to do. Our 2020 vision is for Pennsylvania to be a place where all can flourish.

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